Five Rights of Children Going Through a Divorce
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Five Rights of Children Going Through a Divorce

Five Rights of Children Going Through a Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you should take special
effort to shield your children from the ugly aspects of the divorce
process. Because when a divorce gets nasty and bitter, children are
oftentimes forgotten. At worst, children may be used as weapons by the feuding

To help protect the children, divorce attornies suggest you remember these
five basic “The Rights” of children going through a divorce:

The Right to
Love Both Parents. Just because you can’t stand your spouse, you should not
stand in the way of a loving relationship between your child and the other
parent. Your children should feel safe to love both parents without feeling
guilty or resentment.

The Right to
Stay Out of Arguments. If you and your spouse have differences to work out,
try to hash these out away from the children. Your children do not need to be
privy to every argument, difference of opinion, or other discussion you may be
having. Let them live the carefree life of a child.

The Right Not
to Hear Insults. Sometimes you may want to disparage or just complain about
the other parent. While your complaints may be valid, you should not share
these with your children or try to influence your children’s feelings toward
the other parent with constant belittling remarks.

The Right Not
to be a Messenger. If you have something you want to say to the other
parent, you should just tell that person. Don’t use your children as an
intermediary or messenger.

The Right Not
to be a spy. You may be curious how your former spouse is getting on
without you. This is natural. However, you should not use your children as
spies to dig up dirt or gossip about the other parent.

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