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State of Jurisdiction

What happens when parents and children live in different states, either before a divorce action is started or after the divorce is finalized? Many wonder what state would have jurisdiction over the children and any post judgement matters. Quite often, the judgement will specify in what state future issues will be handled. However, there are always circumstances where that answer might not be easy to determine.

There can also be a determination that one residence is only temporary and, therefore, has no jurisdiction. A temporary move because of a job, or a job that requires traveling for long periods of time can have a big impact on this question. In fact, even a move to another country may not always allow a change of jurisdiction. Recently, a court held that a move by one parent with the kids to another country was not sufficient to change jurisdiction. The court held that this was only a temporary absense from the original state and would not change jurisdiction even if the eventual move was to a different state.

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