Understanding Mediation: Issues and Solutions
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Understanding Mediation: Issues and Solutions

Understanding Mediation: Issues and Solutions

Understanding mediation and it’s role in conflict resolution is vital in a divorce or separation situation. Mediation is a process where negotiation between two people is conducted by an impartial third party. Often, couples that are seeking separation and/or divorce seek this out as an avenue to reach a mutual decision anywhere from whether they will actually divorce or separate, to child custody issues, alimoney issues and any other solvable matters that they do not wish to address in costly court battles.

Traditional mediation is the type that most frequently comes to mind. In this type of mediation, the mediator focuses on helping people come to an acceptable agreement which can take a written form. It is a “looking for answers” and not “seeking causes” process. The mediator focuses on resolvable issues where agreement can be reached. It is the type of mediation often used with divorcing couples. Because it seeks only results, the causes of the problems are not addressed. In divorce mediation, this can be appropriate because the couple has decided to end their marriage, and not deal with the reasons for the breakdown.

Transformative mediation, a progressive approach to problem solving, can be very helpful in for those seeking to keep their relationship. Transformative mediation works on problems in a step-by-step manner. The process does not immediately narrow its focus, but to tries to seek solutions or agreements in a structured and transformative manner.

A transformative marital mediator helps guide the clients to talk and think deeply about issues that are troubling them about their marriage. These are often issues that the spouses cannot meaningfully talk about themselves because they are emotional issues. Talking about them always seems to be a replay of anger, and nothing seems to improve.

When marriages do not work out, it is generally lack of acknowledgement and understanding between the parties that is the core of the failure. Gaining understanding through mediation, spouses can begin to resolve their issues, reduce their conflict and have achieve a more workable relationship.

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