Modification of Custody
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Modification of Custody

Modification of Custody

At times, changes in life often give rise to the need for a modification of the existing custody or visitation orders. Any existing child custody and visitation order may be modified if a significant change of circumstances has occured to warrant a modification.  Provided that the parent seeking the modification of custody or visitation is able to show the Court a “significant change of circumstances”, a modification of custody or visitation can be sought at any time. The court may find the modification is in the child’s best interest.The modification of the current child custody and visitation orders may be effectuated through the parties’ agreement which is then submitted to the Court as a “Stipulation and Order”. However, at times, it is necessary to seek judicial intervention in order to modify custody and visitation.  Absent either of these two options, any change to the existing orders is not enforceable.

With the nature of the California economy, parents often want to move outside of Los Angeles County with their children. However, without a Court order allowing them to do so, existing orders prevent the parent from making such a move. The court may be reluctant to make major modifications to a custody and visitation order it if feels that it’s working and still in the best interest of the children. They don’t want to interrupt the child’s custody and visitation routine for possibly frivolous reasons. Therefore, it is critical to seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney that can provide you with a realistic assessment of your case.

Due to the State’s interest in the welfare of minor children, the court has continuing jurisdiction over child custody and visitation until the child reaches the age of 18 years. Any agreement you try to enter into that would interfere with the court’s authority to establish or modify the custody and/or visitation order is unenforceable. Any agreement that has been entered into between you and the other parent that has not been approved by the court is likewise unenforceable. You need to file your parenting plan with the court and have a judge approve it if you want it to be a legally binding custody and visitation order.- Modification of Child Custody CA

Law Offices of Anat Resnik offer Affordable and Experienced Represenation with Your Child Custody and Visitation Matter

The Law Offices of Anat Resnik can provide you with the legal insight into whether there is a basis for seeking a modification of your current orders. Although the Law Offices of Anat Resnik has been successful in negotiating agreements for the modification of child custody and visitation, which are then submitted to Court for approval, we are prepared to go to Court when all efforts to amicably resolve your matter have failed.  When an agreement is not possible, you must file with the Court a Request for Order requesting a modification of the current orders.

To modify your existing order,  you will need the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. At the Law Offices of Anat Resnik, we exclusively practice family law and are familiar with the nuances of California child custody laws.  – Modification of Custody

Modification of Child Custody Encino CAIf you are considering a modification of an existing custody and/or visitation orders, the Law Offices of Anat Resnik can provide the necessary experience and exceptional advocacy to address your and your children’s changing lives. Our mission is to fight to protect the rights of you and your children. – Modification of Visitation

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