Property Division
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Property Division

Property Division

At the termination of a marriage, the parties’ assets and debts accumulated during marriage must be divided. Often, this process is simple. However, at times, this process can be complex. Whether it’s issues of determining what assets are community property or separate property, or ascertaining hidden assets, the assistance of an experienced family lawyer will serve your financial interests.

Community Property vs. Separate Property

In California, most property acquired after the marriage and before separation is considered community property. All community property is divided equally during divorce.  Assets acquired prior to marriage or after separation are separate property. However, at times, some assets prove to be more complicated in determining whether they are community or separate property, including assets requiring the tracing of funds used to acquire the asset, business interests, professional practices, intellectual property, retirement plan benefits, personal investments.

Valuation of Property

In complex divorces, it is necessary to value real estate, pensions, businesses, cars, and other assets. Choosing the right expert to value your asset is of critical importance. At the Law Offices of Anat Resnik we can guide you through this process to make sure your assets are properly valued.

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