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What Our Clients Say

  • I had been struggling for over two years trying to prepare my divorce papers. It was not fun at all. Finally, Anat brilliantly got me clear as to what there was to do. And to be very truthful, Anat guarded and protected my manhood and fatherhood and for that I am forever grateful. If you are going through a divorce, use Anat, you will be more than happy you did.  I am forever grateful Anat…

    --Marc L.

  • My fiancee was represented by Anat in Long Beach Family Court and I must say that Anat is the real deal!  She fought very hard, was extremely knowledgeable and made my fiancee feel safe and secure during the hearing.  After hiring two previous attorneys on this case, hiring Anat was the best thing we ever did.  These posts may give you an idea as to the level of representation she provides, but believe me, you have to experience her in person to truly appreciate all that she does.  She helped my fiancee win the case in Long Beach and we highly recommend her.

    --R. M.

  • I worked with Anat back in 2009. I actually had to get rid of my first attorney because of exorbitant fees. Anat was fair and helped to get my divorce settled at the right amount eventhough my ex tried to stretch the case out for as long as possible.

    --Lance N.

  • Anat did an amazing job helping me with my recent divorce settlement. She was able, through her knowledge of the law, to get me everything and more than I was entitled to. I was very nervous but Anat made me feel very comfortable. She is a very competent and thorough attorney.
    I have already referred her to other clients.

    --Cheryl B.

  • “Anat is a true gem in a cesspool of horrible divorce attorneys.

    I only wish I had her 8 years ago, when I first went through my divorce.

    Recently, she helped me resolve a custody issue, and I finally felt like someone had my back.

    Excellent communicator, kind, and yet strong enough to fight for you. A must use attorney!



  • Choosing the right lawyer makes a world of difference, as I found out. Until I hired Anat Resnik, I found the process of divorce convoluted and intimidating, all this paperwork, the disclosures, the hearings. With her intelligent and concise manner, Anat shed light into the steps and gave me guidance through a very difficult time. She was compassionate, fair and always available with advice to help me make the right decisions. I think she is an excellent attorney and would highly recommend her.

    --Mike K.

  • My husband and I were living in HELL after hiring several incompetent family attorneys who came highly recommend to us. Although we are a ‘working class family’ I later turned to three high end law firms for referrals to ensure I obtain good counsel and they all suggested Ms. Resnik. Out of the 14 attorneys I interviewed, Ms. Resnik was the ONLY attorney that established a rough outline of the results of our child support expectation within the same phone conversation. Although we were pleased with her initial assessment, at our final order, Ms. Resnik saved us an additional 40% on our support than she initially estimated. More importantly not only is she EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE, but she treated us like we were her only client. We were overwhelmed by how detailed and attentive she was. This attorney is NO NONSENSE and was a formidable opponent to opposing counsel. This was THE MOST emotional experience we have ever had to endure and Ms. Resnik took it out of our hands and gave us a great outcome. We feel better secured for any subsequent Family Court hearings as we now have our ‘safety net’ with a competent attorney who actually cares.

    --Mrs. Christopher

  • Anat is amazing, she is smart, friendly, knows her stuff and very on point! She answers any questions needed. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone that will fight for you and knows what’s right. My sons father was trying to get 50/50 custody when he wasn’t even seeing him 50% of the time or helping me out financially . He just did not want to pay. Thank you for all your help!


  • Ms. Resnik was in my corner every step of the way. It was a difficult time emotionally and she was a steady guide. Actually, if I had followed her advice earlier, my divorce would have been over months earlier. In the end, her knowledge of the law and her willingness to work aggressively on my behalf facilitated a very satisfactory outcome. I give her my highest recommendation. A superb lawyer.


  • I’ve been helping my Mom with her divorce case and was referred to Anat.  She is beyond  the most professional & knowledgeable attorney we have worked with. My mom is highly stressed and frustrated (as anyone who is going through a divorce process must know) so its difficult to keep her calm, but Anat is always extremely nice and patient. She always answers our questions and she makes you feel confident. You will finally feel like someone cares! She is 10000% on your side and will fight for you. We are so grateful. I would recommend her firm to anyone who needs any family law help.

    --Adelina K.